July 13, 2019

Newsy Today


Gibraltar, ready to release the Iranian tanker if there are guarantees that its destination is not Syria

The chief minister of Gibraltar, Fabián Picardo, affirmed today that he would be willing to hand over the oil
Grace 1, retained last week, if Iran guarantees that it would not go to Syria since it would violate the sanctions imposed by the EU.

In a statement, it states that the Gibraltarian authorities would be willing "to facilitate the delivery of the retained assets to a legitimate claimant if we consider sufficient guarantee that he would not go to Syria or any entity sanctioned under the relevant EU regulations" .

The four tanker crew members who were arrested have been released on bail

The tanker was intercepted near Punta Europa (Europa Point) last week on suspicion of transporting crude to a refinery in Banyas in Syria, a country in armed conflict for eight years and subject to European Union sanctions. Subsequently, Gibraltar has assured that it had proof that it was "loaded with crude oil to the limit of its capacity".

In addition to retaining the vessel, four crew members were arrested, although this Friday they were released on bail, despite the fact that the investigation of the case goes ahead.

Picardo said he had talked with British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt today before he spoke with his Iranian counterpart, Javad Zarif.