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Gilching: died while walking! Mann (38) finds passers-by covered in blood and lifeless on the street

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A 38-year-old man from the Geisenbrunn district of Gilching lost his life during a walk on Easter Monday. There are no indications of a traffic accident or other external fault.

  • A man died in Gilching in a mysterious way.
  • A man found the 38-year-old lying lifeless on the street in the middle of the night.
  • The Kripo determined.

– He just wanted to get some fresh air: a 38 year old man from the Gilchinger Geisenbrunn is in the night for Easter Monday died suddenly. That reports that Police headquarters Upper Bavaria North.

Geisenbrunn: man dies on a walk – criminal investigation determined

So the man had his apartment for one walk leave. At about the same time, another resident went to the Cigarette vending machine. Around 1.50 a.m. he found the 38-year-old lifeless and covered in blood on the main street in Geisenbrunn lie at the height of the maypole. “The witness provided first aid until the emergency doctor arrived,” police spokesman Hans-Peter Kammerer reported. But despite all efforts and Resuscitation measures The 38-year-old died shortly afterwards on the spot. His wife became one at night Crisis intervention team supervised.

Man covered in blood and lifeless on the street: background unclear

“Indications of a traffic accident or something else Of third party fault are not yet available, ”emphasized Kammerer. Alcohol also doesn’t matter, he said on request. “So far, a fall is assumed.” Clarification The criminal investigation department has other circumstances related to the death of the young man Fürstenfeldbruck accepted. The police department has suggested that the man’s body be autopsied. The decision about that Public prosecutor during Tuesday.

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