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Gintaras Einikis: the shocking story opened in Pūkis – from the top to the most painful bottom

We have probably all heard various rumors about this legendary personality. Some use his name to admire his impressive achievements on the basketball court, while others criticize what he did on it. But is it possible to understand this person?

From birth to an unexpected love for basketball, the most scandalous details of personal life or actual daily life – the TV3 series, in which viewers will hear the whole truth from the mouth of Gintars himself and the circle that closer to him, will help find the whole. the answers, the press release says.

TV3 photo/Gintaras Einikis

Probably, many people would agree that the chance of becoming a basketball star or, even more, an era basketball player, is one in a million. But when you come from a small Lithuanian town, these chances are even lower. But Einikis – whom his friends call “Pūki” – proves that all this is possible.

Even three times – in 1992, 1996 and 2000 – Olympic bronze medals hung around his neck. What can we say about the fact that G. Einikis could demonstrate an impressive game even against an NBA player of the same level as Shaquille O’Neal.

“Einikis “undressed” him well. The whole hall gave a standing ovation. This is a true legend, a player with great skills. And not everyone gets to win these titles like Gintarus”, Rimas Kurtinaitis won’t hide when talking about his former teammate in the documentary series.

Gintaras was born in a simple farming family, in the district of Kretinga, in the village of Kūlupėnai. It so happened that he had to do farm work at home as well, but Gintaro never attracted him. As his father will say in the series, G. Einikis was in a hurry to finish all these things as soon as possible so that he could go play basketball again. And he really liked basketball – he played it even when the thermometer showed minus 15 degrees. After all, as Gintaras will say, all you had to do was put on the gloves…

“While he grew up with me, he was obedient. Of course, sometimes I had to raise my voice, but he listened to me. He was a wonderful man,” Gintar’s father will not hide in the series.

Viewers of the documentary series will also learn what this athlete was like in school, how he climbed the steps of basketball Olympus and why he almost gave up everything at one point. And not for nothing at the beginning of his career, Gintaras was often called the second Arvydus Sabonis …

Personal photo album/Gintaras Einikis

In the documentary series, the inner drama of the basketball player will not be ignored – even his wife, parents and teammates will speak openly. “Yes, I could see that he is a very positive person,” G. Einikis’ wife, Jurgita Einikienė, will admit.

Photo by Lukos Balandis/Gintaras and Jurgita Einikiai

Jonas Kazlauskas, the former coach of the basketball player, will also agree with him: “To be honest, I think he is a very positive man who chose the wrong friends in life.”

Gintaras himself will talk about how and why his life changed when endless alcohol, parties and debts appeared here, fully aware of the cost of all this. “A reputation can be ruined in one day. And it is impossible to restore it – that’s all,” he smiled sadly.

But those who knew Gintaras well tend to understand the basketball player or at least try to find an explanation for his behavior. “Gintaras was not as poor as the legends created about him,” former teammate R. Kurtinaitis will not hide, openly talking about other athletes of that time.

Intriguing, open and will give answers to many questions, documentary series “Einikis” – from August 23. Monday-Thursday, 8:30 pm on TV3.

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