Gints Gabrāns opens an exhibition at the Mark Rothko Center

From November 20 to 22, in the yard of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center, a multimedia exposition “Round Horizon Line. Rothko Elevator” is available free of charge to responsible visitors, which will continue to exist in the SAN application for several years.

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“Round horizon line” by Gints Gabrāns. Rothko Elevator ”is a virtual sculpture that can be seen throughout Daugavpils from November 20 with the augmented reality application SAN. In just three days from November 20 to 22, it will be supplemented with a live starting point of the “Rothko lift” – an LED monitor tunnel, which will be located in the yard of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center.

The sculpture center – the center of Rothko – which, as a distinct vertical, can be seen from all places in Daugavpils within a radius of 10 km, can serve as a kind of compass or landmark for finding the center of Rothko. Its total height is 45 km.

Located within a 100 m radius around the Mark Rothko Art Center, the SAN application turns on a virtual elevator to the stratosphere, and the viewer’s viewpoint begins to rise – above the center of Rothko, above the city, and rises to the stratosphere at 50 km, where we see the earth from above with a round horizon .

Spirals with artificial intelligence-generated compositions of Rothko paintings wrap around the central axis (Rothko space elevator). Images of Rothko’s paintings are used as a basis for training the artificial intelligence neural network. In the stratosphere, the “Rothko lift” ends with a round transparent orbital gallery with special paintings generated by artificial intelligence.

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Author: Gints Gabrāns;
Music: Plato Buravickis;
AR animation: Aldis Kopštāls;
3D atmosphere / light: Mārtiņš Upītis.

We remind you that Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center is open to individual visitors and offers an exhibition of original works by Mark Rothko and a number of changing exhibition projects. By observing hand hygiene, arriving at the center with a mouth and nose cover and staying away from other household members, we will be able to safely enjoy the prepared artistic performance.

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