Girl falls out of a building window and is caught in midair by neighbors

A neighbor went out to the street and noticed the accident just in time and was able to get help to save her

YouTube viral: Girl falls through the window of a building and is caught in the air by neighbors in China. Photo:

A 4-year-old girl was saved by a group of neighbors who managed to act just in time after the little girl fell out of the window of a 3-story building. The event in Jiangxi, China, was recorded on video and became viral in YouTube and other social networks.

According to Chinese media, the incident took place last Thursday afternoon, when the girl was left alone at her grandparents’ house, while they were tending a family store. At that time her parents were working in another city.

While the girl was playing alone in a third-floor room, she accidentally slipped out of the window and that was when a resident, who had fortunately gone out into the street, heard her cry and scream. Seeing her hanging so many feet above the ground, he asked for help.

As can be seen in the video, the little girl hung from the window until her strength was exhausted and she let go. As the girl rushed to the ground, a group of people already had a blanket ready to catch her, which they finally succeeded.

Fortunately, the girl was unharmed and the minor’s relatives thanked their neighbors. They also said they plan to install security bars on the windows as a precaution.


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