‘Girls who hit goals’ Seo Dong-ju, the main character of the final multi-goal… Will you play in the All-Star Game?

▲ FC Firemoth, the regular season winner of ‘Goal Strikers’. (Source = Captured from SBS’ ‘Girls Hitting Goals’)

Seo Dong-joo of ‘Goal Strikers’ expressed his gratitude for the victory.

On the 22nd, Seo Dong-ju posted on his Instagram, “The fire moth won. I can’t believe it,” he said, expressing his joy, “The team won the championship and became the top scorer, what’s going on?”

The previous day’s broadcast of SBS’s ‘Goal Hitters’ ended the regular season with ‘Bull Moth’, which Seo Dong-joo belongs to, defeated 2-1 against ‘National Family’. In the final, Seo Dong-ju scored two goals and played a decisive role in the victory.

Seo Dong-joo said, “All fire moths have a personality that doesn’t like to be attacked, so even if their whole body is covered with bruises, and it is difficult to run because of the stretched thigh muscles (Sunyeong unnie), water in the knee (Hyobeom unnie), the cartilage wears out (Hana unnie), and the ankle is inflamed. Even if it was hard to walk because I was cold (Eunyoung unnie), even if I sprained my finger and taped it all over my finger (Hyekyung unnie), even if I kept hearing it because my big toe was covered with bruises (Dongju) “Lastly, I am infinitely grateful to the coaches who trained me.”

‘Goal Strikers’, which contains the fierce soccer matches of female stars, finished the regular season with the highest rating of 8.6%. Now, only an ace out of 36 players is left to play in the All-Star Game.

The interest was also focused on the players participating in the match. The match, which is divided into red and blue teams, currently features Jeong Hye-in, Saori, and Park Seon-young.

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Meanwhile, ‘Goal Strikers’ ends season 1 with the All-Star Game. However, SBS president Park Seong-hoon personally visited the stadium and confirmed the production of season 2, saying, “I hope to show a new side in season 2.”


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