Giro de Italia 2018 live, La Nueva España


Tour of Italy live

The Giro de Italia 2019, which will run from May 11 to June 2, will be played almost completely in the country, after the start of last year in Israel, and will pay homage to Leonardo de Vinci and the cyclist Fausto Coppi, going through intense climbs that marked the legend of the pink race. It will be one of the toughest Twists of the last editions, with mythical climbs, and a queen stage where will be promoted to the powerful Topsail Y Mortirolo.

Stage of the day of the Tour of Italy: Frascati- Terracina

Stage 5: Frascati-Terracina

The Giro de Italia 2019 will dispute your fifth stage between the towns of Frascati and Terracina. The route, of a total of 140 kilometers, is a mostly flat stage that begins downhill and ends along the Tyrrhenian coast. You have to take into account a short climb 50 km from the finish line. The central part has many narrow stretches and old roads but they improve towards the end: wider roads and in good condition.

Italy spin


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