Girona and the workforce reach an agreement for a reduction in pay

Aday Benitez said, three weeks ago, at the beginning of total confinement, that the staff had strongly assumed that Girona could use a temporary employment regulation file (ERTO) to try to better support the situation caused by the pandemic. of the coronavirus. Sentmenat, one of the team captains, said that “you have to come up with the idea and be prepared because it looks like it’s going to happen”. During these days, since the alarm was decreed, Girona has always been in contact with the staff as well as with the rest of the club’s employees. There were all the options on the table, also, of course, the one of the ERTO, in order to find a formula that would allow the club to alleviate the loss of revenue due to the stoppage of the competition and all activities. However, the solution has come in the form of an agreement to reduce salaries. After a few days of talks, last night, Girona announced the final agreement with the template for “a voluntary reduction of salaries”.

In this way, players, coaching staff and management have agreed to reduce their salaries by 15% in case the competition cannot be resumed and terminated. This cut would be reduced if the league resumed behind closed doors and would be 3%. In a statement, Girona described the staff’s position as a “gesture of responsibility and commitment” to accept this situation, and thanked them for “their understanding and collaboration” at all times. In the same way, Girona has also proposed a voluntary reduction of 3% of the annual salary to the rest of the club’s employees.

With the economic agreement with the squad and the coaching staff, Girona is now awaiting the end of the season. At the moment, it seems that La Liga intends to finish it on the pitch, probably behind closed doors. The entity that presides over Javier Tebas has already sent a manual to all the clubs with the protocol that should be followed when it is time to return to training and resume the competition.

However, everything will depend on the approval of the health care authorities. For its part, the Federation has already made it clear that Second B down is its position to end the season without relegation and only to do a few play-offs express to decide the promotion.

Girona, meanwhile, continues to work on social projects, detailing that, “through this sacrifice”, it will double the financial contribution to the fundraising campaign for Doctor Josep Trueta University Hospital.


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