Giulia Sol imitates Alessandra Amoroso (Video)

Tale and Which Show episode 16 October 2020: the imitation of Giulia Sol singing “Mambo Salentino” in the role of Alessandra Amoroso. Here is the video.

Yesterday, Friday 16 October 2020, the fourth episode of the tenth edition of Such and Which Show, with Carlo Conti driving, which saw Carolina Rey triumph (see the ranking here). In this article we will see the performance of Giulia Sol who imitated the Italian singer Alessandra Amoroso.

A difficult performance that of Giulia Sol, who was assigned that of Alessandra Amoroso, the Apulian singer difficult to imitate precisely because there is a risk of making a comic sketch of her. Here for Giulia Sol was only seventh in this episode, totaling 43 points. Here is the video of the exhibition:

By clicking here you can watch the other performances of Tale and Which Show

Such and what show, the Ranking – Episode 16 October 2020

  1. Carolina Rey: 64 points (here the video of the exhibition)
  2. Virginio: 57 points (here the video of the exhibition)
  3. Barbara Cola: 56 points (here the video of the exhibition)
  4. I pay: 55 points (here the video of the exhibition)
  5. Sergio Muniz: 54 points
  6. Francesco Paolantoni: 44 points
  7. Giulia Sol: 43 points
  8. Luca Ward: 41 points (here the video of the exhibition)
  9. Francesca Manzini: 32 points
  10. Carmen Russo: 24 points

Tale and Which Show in streaming, episode 16 October 2020

Like any show and fiction broadcast on Rai networks, it is possible to watch yesterday’s episode on the RaiPlay site. RaiPlay is the official on-demand site of the Rai networks where programs are posted immediately after airing. Yesterday’s full episode of Tale and Which Show you can find clicking here.

The 3 jurors + the guest

The 10 performances will be judged by an established jury made up of the queen of television Loretta Goggi, the showman Giorgio Panariello and the actor and director Vincenzo Salemme. In addition to them, the VIPs themselves will have the opportunity to participate in the voting by giving their preferences to the colleague they want to reward (without forgetting the possibility of ‘self-voting’).

Present, with his jingle machine, Gabriele Cirilli, that towards the end of the episode will play, with all the protagonists of the show, a success of the singer in which he has transformed.

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