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Give away an iPhone, but that’s not what you are thinking

There are two types of people in the world: who has a real passion for technology and those who consider technological objects to be simple tools that can improve life. If you belong to the first group, probably sooner or later you will have put your hand to a technological device to open it and see how it’s done inside. It is this type of curiosity that teases an object like that of Xreart, which we received for an evaluation and which we show you in the photographs on this page.

One First generation iPhone completely disassembled and framed, with a background showing the names of the various components. Seen up close it clearly shows that this is a real iPhone, complete with signs of wear on the body, a feature that for some may represent an added value of “realisticity”, while for someone else it could be a less interesting detail.

The frame is not particularly “precious”, but at a glance the effect is very beautiful. You can remove the base on which the individual components are glued, if you think you need them.

Many iPhone models are available on the XReart website, but also Apple Watch and some portable game consoles that have made history. Prices range from just over a hundred dollars (about 90 euros) to almost 300 dollars (about 265 euros). Estimating the cost depends on your resourcefulness, because if you have the time and desire you can buy a used smartphone and proceed with the creation of this little “work of art” with your own hands.

Xreart offers background templates, some downloadable for free and others for a fee (for a few dollars), along with a toolkit with everything you need to create your own picture. Obviously you will also have to find the smartphone to sacrifice for this job, realistically looking for a non-working product on eBay.

Xreart iPhone Xreart iPhone Xreart iPhone
Xreart iPhone Xreart iPhone Xreart iPhone

Proceeding in this way you can certainly save, even a lot, but it all depends on the value you place on your time. First of all you will have to find the model that is right for you, making sure that there is no visible damage (for example a broken screen will not make a good impression), buy it, disassemble it but also clean it and treat the individual parts, especially the external ones such as the body and the glass, so that they can be beautiful to see.

If you find the model that’s right for you and you like the idea, we recommend that you only evaluate the purchase of the tools and the background, in other cases a ready-made painting is perhaps the best solution, while it will always remain an excellent gift idea. for a tech or video game enthusiast.

If you are interested in the product that we have shown you in the picture, you can find it at this link, while here you can browse other models.

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