Glove shortage is confirmed at Robé Médical

The lack of gloves is confirmed and prices explode. We find ourselves in the same situation as with masks, with indecent proposals “Says Antoine Chonion, director of Robé Médical, a trading and online sales company of medical products, based in Saint-Étienne-lès-Remiremont (Vosges).

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For example, this offer from a supplier for boxes of 100 gloves at € 10, when a price of € 5 or even € 6 seems reasonable to him. For the employee of the company dedicated to procurement, the business is difficult. ” The shortage calls for the shortage, the few goods available on the market being immediately stored “Regrets Antoine Chonion.

Chinese customs, the fight of the moment

His current struggle: successfully getting two containers of gloves through Chinese customs. ” China wants to show that it washes whiter than white, says the entrepreneur. It has considerably tightened its export controls so that it can no longer be accused of selling poor quality products. This is an interesting development, but I think it is a little zealous by blocking certain orders that are perfectly compliant with the regulations but considered non-compliant in terms of packaging for example


Another subject not of concern but of anger this time: the feeling that the paramedical professions and retirement homes, that is to say its customers, are systematically considered as not priority by the manufacturers, who say they reserve a large part of their stocks in hospitals.

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We regret the low quantities delivered by certain manufacturers unrelated to the current needs of city medicine, home care and nursing homes, yet on the front line for more than three months “He wrote on the home page of his online sales site.

Refocus on simple and effective products

This health crisis had an effect on him: strengthening his desire to meet the real needs of his customers, without playing the game of manufacturers.

In terms of hydroalcoholic gel we have stood with alternative solutions. Finally, I realize that they are made with simple ingredients and may not be sold at a high price. I also want to release products full of microplastics or very studied marketing, like the last stethoscope with perfect sound or lavender blue color. My job is to provide healthcare professionals with simple, effective products at the right price. ” The post-crisis Robé Médical could therefore evolve towards a reduction in its references. ” It’s a risky choice, but I want to choose, to be more of a filter between the client and the market


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