GM Strike Continues, Deepening Pain Felt by Midwest Workers, Firms


With the strike at

            General Motors Co. Kildare

economy stretching into the economy, supplying businesses and auto-parts suppliers reliant on GMs. factories for work.

The United Auto Workers struck a tentative labor contract with GMP.

The move is a great way to get to the top of the country.


Workers? Join the conversation below.

Like Michigan and Indiana — where GM has a concentration of unionized workers. Economists t

U. factory activity overall hit a 10-year after contracting for a second directorate

Mark Zandi, principal economist at Moody’s Analytics, said Mark Zandi, principal economist. “This is a double whammy for the country that are already getting hammered.”

The strike has been a great deal of GM factories in the US, Canada and Mexico t but still affected by the walkout.

Tvs tthere are two million dollars in the UK. in second-half earnings.

Or a long-lasting, goods. 4.2% decline in the production of autos.

“The GM strike is likely to be in production,” t

      Gus Faucher,

       chief economist to PNC Financial Services Group.

Paychecks. T Many are trying to get at $ 275 a week. Which is ranges from $ 630 to $ 1,200 for a 40-hour week.

In loss pay, analysts at Bank of America estimated. If you are a member of the company, they would get a lot of money. But there is no guarantee.

Jason Kirkpatrick, who works at a GM factory in Flint, Mich., But is currently on strike off, big off spending, such as splurging on his daughter's 14th birthday.

“We can make any big decisions right now,” says 46-year-old Kirkpatrick. “Normally, we would have had a party and brought some benefits.

Auto-parts suppliers reliant on GMP With no cars coming off assembly lines t

As a result, 120 of GM's direct suppliers furloughed some 17,000 workers in the U.S. according to the Original Equipment Suppliers Association, a trade organization. That count doesn’t include. T

The financial repercussions for major parts suppliers. On Thursday,

            Faurecia SA,

a French maker of automotive denominated by about $ 25.6 million.

In Michigan, where GM is around 18,000 UAW-represented workers, economic pain is most acute.

Todd Collins, president of UAW Local 724, who represents 1,600 members in Lansing, Mich., Said 1,600 of his 1,800 members have been temporarily laid off during the strike.

"They're just equal as affected by GM workers, if not more here," Collins said, generally made less than their counterparts.

A spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Affairs claimants from workers at auto parts parts through Oct. 12 that it attributes to the strike.

Sam Kassab, 65, owns the Chene t The strike is costing between him. Nearby factories.

“Everybody is taking a hit,” They said.

Economists and retailers in Michigan t

“Holiday season in Michigan,” said Patrick Anderson, principal at Anderson Economic Group.

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