Gnova estimates that 2.4 of Vox's 2.7 million votes came from the PP

The environment of Pablo Casado believes that the strategy was right and that they can only wait for the Vox voter to return to the PP and the "useful vote" of the "management" fall under its own weight

Pablo Casado and Santiago Abascal, in the concentration

Pablo Casado and Santiago Abascal, in the concentration that peda elections general held in February in the Plaza de Coln in Madrid.

The postelectoral PP analyzes throw a significant conclusion: even though Vox fell short of their expectations and Citizens grew strongly, the PP lost much more votes towards the formation of Santiago Abascal than towards that of Albert Rivera. Specifically, sources of the PP address say that 2.4 of the 2.7 million votes of Vox come from the PP. 1.3 million, directly, and 1.1 million, of the abstention to Mariano Rajoy. The rest of Vox voters, 300,000, "are transverse votes, even of Podemos", reveal inGnova.

In opinion of the directive of the PP, this is an empirical verification that the strategy of campaign was the successful one, with a hard speech, focused to restrain to Vox. In addition, the qualitative analyzes that they have made, throughfocus groups, point out that voters fled the PP for corruption, for the management of the Catalan crisis and for tax increases, "but it is not something attributable to Mariano Rajoy" … "nor to Aznar."

After the qualitative analysis, "there is good news and a bad news" for thepopular. The good news is that "the strategy was right", and the bad one, that it was "irrelevant" what Pablo Casado did to change the vote during the campaign. "It is the perfect storm, not the one that sails nor one that takes to the front of the ship four years", aims a leader very close to Casado.

We must remember that, according to the analysis of Sigma Dos for EL MUNDO, among those who opted for Mariano Rajoy in 2016 and did not repeat this time with Pablo Casado as a candidate, 1.36 million opted for Albert Rivera, while 1.56 millions opted for training led by Santiago Abascal.

As you can see, the PP is still looking towards 28-A, although in the Casado environment they say: "It's not that we're licking our wounds," they justify. So, if the right-wing strategy was a mistake and the voters left for the legacies of the past, is there something that Casado can do to overcome in the municipal and autonomous elections of May 26?

At this point, Pablo Casado has pointed today, in an appearance in thePrairie of San Isidro, that the PP now appeals to the "useful vote" to the municipal and regional candidates, by the "management" mark that still maintain the initialspopular. The leader of the opposition has asked that the center-right vote be concentrated in the PP because "there is a party" and "we do not want to go beyond theChampionstoSecond Division"

The president of thepopularensures that his party is going up with respect to Citizens in thetrackingsinterns by that profile of experience that theorangesThey have never had. The problem is that if Citizens is not strong in the territories and Vox falls, perhaps it is more difficult than the right sum, they argue in Gnova.

These PP polls suggest that Citizens do notsorpassarto the PP in any autonomy or in any important city. But the key to the vault of the autonomic and local elections isMadrid. If the PP maintains the regional government, it may justify a certain comeback with respect to the general ones, but if it does not do so, "no" should point to Pablo Casado's due, point to Gnova. "Already in 2015 the last scam that made Cristina Cifuentes president was obtained at one o'clock in the morning," aaden.

In front of Isabel Daz Ayuso and Jos Luis Martnez-Almeida, candidates of the PP to theMadrid's communityand totown hallof the capital, respectively, Casado has today vindicated the management of the PP in Madrid "to guarantee an education and a public health of the best quality and where the freedom of choice of the citizens prevails". And has come to say that "who likes Madrid, you have to like the PP."

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