Friday, 14 Dec 2018

GNTM candidate Zoe is out “The photographer was so A … hole to me! “

GNTM 2018: Candidate Zoe is out Photo: ProSieben / Martin Ehleben

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GNTM candidate Zoe has made it into the top ten. But in the eleventh episode was over Photo: ProSieben / Martin Ehleben

Zoe (18) is out, not a big miracle. But a real surprise came Christina (21). She is THE new favorite of ” Germany’s Next Top Model 2018 “(ProSieben)!

The confident shop assistant (“I have a beauty face”) grabbed the fat job of the entire season, is now the face and legs of the summer campaign for a women’s shaver. Heidi Klum (44) was enthusiastic about her: “You always do your best. We also notice that … ”

What happened in the eleventh episode of GNTM?

The Walk of Shame! Heidi Klum on TV: “The girls have to cope with several challenges today. They shoot on a truck on the world famous Hollywood Boulevard. You have to pose under a shower and at the same time you do not want to be irritated by the many onlookers and paparazzi. “A little bit of shame next to the Walk of Fame.

Pia (22), struck by a cold and shivering, was not in the mood. She said, “Nah, Heidi, no! That is very unpleasant. ”

Wonderfully bizarre – Klaudia with K (20)! She had zero damage before the challenge, but in front of the water: “I’m afraid of the shower because it comes from the top. I’m a side shower. ”

GNTM 2018 Photo: ProSieben / Martin Ehleben

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Please do not water from above! Ulknudel Klaudia with K has an idiosyncratic style even when showering Photo: ProSieben / Martin Ehleben

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