Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Go. Democrats elect Eileen Filler-Corn to head House caucus

Virginia Del. Eileen Filler-Corn, right, then meets Del. Joe Morrisey's new baby with Del. Kaye Kory in the House of Commons in 2013. (Tracy A. Woodward / The Washington Post) RICHMOND – Democrats in the House of Delegates of Virginia elected Eileen Filler-Corn of Fairfax County on Saturday to replace Del David Toscano from Charlottesville. If the Democrats are able to regain control of the House in next year's election, Filler-Corn could be the first woman to serve as a speaker in the 400 years of the organization.[[[[Go. Toscano, House Leader, intends to step down from his leadership position]Toscano, who led the minority since 2011, announced last month its intention to withdraw from the leadership position. He announced his intention to run again in the House next year. "It is an incredible honor to serve as the House Democratic caucus leader and I want to thank my colleagues for their trust, as well as delegate Toscano for his years of service as a leader," said Filler. Corn in a statement. published by the caucus. The Democrats met Saturday in Richmond and proceeded to vote in secret. Five delegates at most had announced their intention to see the management position. The caucus did not reveal the voting details except to say that Filler-Corn had been elected by acclamation, "in a gesture of unity". Filler-Corn, 54, represents the 41st district of House since 2010. She is a lawyer and director of government relations at Albers & Co. She has served as a past governor of Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine. Her election as a caucus leader puts an end to a period of strong performance by women of the Democratic Party of Virginia. Last year, the Democrats won 15 seats out of the 100 members of the House, and 11 of the winning candidates were women. The rise to power has led Democrats to less than two votes of the Republican majority, at 51-49. [Women hit a record high in Virginia legislature. Can they break the boys’ club?] It also brought the total number of women in the General Assembly to an unprecedented 38 out of 140 seats in the House and Senate. If the Democrats continued to rise in next year's elections, with each seat being re-elected, Filler-Corn would then be in a strong position to become the first woman president of that body. Toscano, the outgoing minority leader, said by email that Filler-Corn "has shown extraordinary leadership in her caucus roles, including as co-chair of the Safe Virginia Initiative. I know that she will work tirelessly for the caucus and the Commonwealth as the democratic leader of the House. ".

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