God of War director shares mysterious image and fans lose their minds

Even if Sony not officially confirmed yet, it is almost a fact that the sequel to God of War it won’t come this year. Last year, during the event The Future of Gaming, Sony Santa Monica said the continuation for the game PlayStation 4 would arrive at PlayStation 5 in this 2021, but we believe that it will not be like that. Now, the game director has shared a mysterious new image that could be our first look at this future installment of the series.

Whenever asked about God of War 2, Cory Barlog avoid giving any kind of answer precisely so as not to generate speculation or rumors. Of course, the live game also likes to annoy fans from time to time, and it looks like that’s what he’s doing with this new image he just posted.


Despite not showing anything new, the image alone is about something completely new that has never been shown in any promotional material or anything like that before. In this portrait we can see all the characters from the first game, but if you look at the window you will see a hooded man who is surely Thor, another of the gods that we will defeat in the sequel. What exactly does this image mean? Hard to say, and it’s probably just Den bothering us, but it’s still interesting to speculate.


Fountain: Cory Barlog

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