Godfall: Randy Pitchford (Gearbox) shows off in photos the first PS5 title out of the factories

After revealing its introductory cinematic in addition to beautiful armor like l’Backclaw or the Silvermane, the looter-slasher of Counterplay Games is coming to our screens soon. The developers had announced on Twitter that the title had passed gold in addition to thanking the entire team and the editor. Today, the ascension of the divine knights continues.

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According to Randy Pitchford, who is none other than the CEO of Gearbox Software, Godfall is the first PlayStation 5 title to roll out of production plants. In one tweet, the latter shows the cover of the game accompanied by a big smile on his face. He stated:

Attention, gamer friends and enthusiasts: admire the first game of the PlayStation 5! It’s the very first next-gen game in the world to come out of the factory. Congratulations go to Counterplay Games and the Gearbox Publishing team!

We can’t wait to finally get our hands on this looter slasher which promises to be as epic as it is divine. As a reminder, Godfall will arrive on November 12 on theEpic Games Store all over the world and on November 19 on PlayStation 5 from home.

You can pre-order it on Amazon for € 69.99.

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