Goenaga leaves Twitter after criticism for his relationship with Sémper. Deia, News from Bizkaia


Donostiarra Bárbara Goenaga has announced this Sunday that she is leaving Twitter after the attacks of a feminist because she is married to the president of the PP of Gipuzkoa, Borja Sémper. "Too much inquisition for someone who does not believe in censorship or persecution," he says.

BILBAO Goenaga has said goodbye today through the social network, after this Saturday condemned the homophobic aggression to two lesbians in a London bus, and the well-known feminist Irantzu Varela, who was a candidate for the Senate by EH Bildu in 2015, answered with the phrase: "Tell the man with whom you share life project and parenting, whose party agrees with those who launch the messages and propose the laws that legitimize LGTBIphobia," he says.

The Basque actress was surprised because someone who calls herself "feminist", she asks for an account, not from what her husband thinks, but from what her partner's party does. "Apparently, my opinion is canceled, is subject to being 'the woman of', exhausting," he said.

This Sunday Donostiarra Bárbara Goenaga has assured that Twitter goes away "a long season". "I made this account nine years ago to inform me about interesting things, and read news of art and film, which is what I do and I am interested in, but it is becoming more complicated to abstract from the most unpleasant part that there is also here, "he added.

After stating that it "bothers him a lot" to temporarily abandon the social network, he points out that "there is too much presence of sectarians, of white and black without grayscale, of 'I am better than you', of 'with me or against me'" .

"Too much inquisition for someone who does not believe in censorship or persecution, there is no room to talk sensibly, from respect, and without realizing it, you start dancing on a frequency that is not yours, which is not the mine, "he says, to emphasize that," for garbage, "he prefers the one collected on Saturday" a few 'waterlovers' in San Juan cove. "


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