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According to her, it was the first month and a half, they were very eventful. The Vice Prime Minister noted that then “everyone was very emotionally worried”

Tatyana Golikova

(Photo: Alexander Astafiev / TASS)

The first and a half months were the most “scary” period of the fight against coronavirus, since a large number of events happened at that time, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova on the air of the Russia 1 television channel.

“These one and a half months were the most internally, emotionally, well, I would even use the word scary. Terrible, because in a very short period of time fit a large number of events. This is what I am saying emotionally now, because we all experienced it very emotionally, ”shared Golikova (quote from RIA Novosti).

She noted that then “a lot of things were done at the same time.” “<...> if we didn’t have time to do them, then we wouldn’t forgive ourselves for this, ”said the Deputy Prime Minister.

In Moscow, opened cafes, gyms and playgrounds. Photoreport

The first reports of the spread of a new type of coronavirus began to arrive in December 2019 from China. The first person died in China on January 11, he was in Wuhan, where the infection began to spread. By the second half of January, doctors found that the new virus is transmitted from person to person.


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