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Good figures for French employment

France created more jobs in 2019 than the previous year (+ 1.4%) but without reaching the level of 2017, according to final figures published on Tuesday March 10 by INSEE, which estimated at 263,100 number of net job creations in the private sector.

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In the last quarter of the year, net job creations rose 0.5% to 88,800 jobs, after + 39,900 the previous quarter, reaching 19.74 million jobs in the private sector in France.

The provisional estimate given at the beginning of February by INSEE was well below for private salaried employment in the fourth quarter (40,700) and was greatly revised in particular in market services. It is still this sector which drives job creations in France with 201,000 net job creations in 2019, a figure higher than in 2018.

Construction records “Its largest annual increase since 2007”, notes INSEE, with 45,000 job creations, an increase of 3.3%. The industrial sector grew very moderately over one year (+10,700, + 0.3%).

In total, private and public wage employment creations stood at 287,600 (+ 1.1%), including 24,400 public job creations, and 90,800 in 4e quarter (+ 0.4%) in the private and public sectors.

Figures consistent with falling unemployment

These figures are consistent with the drop in the number of jobseekers observed in 2019. France counted 120,700 fewer unemployed jobseekers (-3.3%), the largest drop since the 2008 crisis, according to figures published in late January by Pôle emploi. Long-term unemployment is down: registrants (A, B and C) for more than a year are down 1.7% (-2.5% year on year) but still down to 2.583 million.

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For the first time since 2008, the number of active job seekers (categories B and C) had also decreased (-2.5% over one year), a figure in line with the increases in hiring on permanent or permanent contracts. full-time. In total, Pôle emploi had 5.740 million people registered in categories A, B or C at the end of 2019.


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