Good Plan Logitech G502: The gaming mouse accessible for less than 30 euros

Gamers will love this offer! The Logitech G502 mouse can indeed be purchased at a drastically lower price right now from Amazon!

Coming soon Black Friday. A special day full of promotions, and yet there is no need to wait to do great business, in all areas! So if you’re a gamer, you might just heat up the credit card right now. Need a new keyboard? So know that you can acquire the Razer BlackWidow Elite with a discount of -28%. A great opportunity, yet incomparable with the one that Melty’s editorial staff has just found for you at Amazon, and which will allow you to buy the Logitech G502 gaming mouse at a simply insane price!


Logitech G502 on Amazon

49,99 €

Indeed, this mouse, signed Logitech, is the subject of a really exceptional discount of -68%, which drops its price by 89.99 euros at 29 euros (noted on 20/11 at 4:27 p.m., subject to change). And if Amazon, which also offers promo codes, breaks the price on the Logitech G502, that does not mean that it is low-end. On the contrary, since it is the best-selling gaming mouse in the world, including 11 programmable buttons and adjustable weights, for top maneuverability ! Note also if you were also looking for an office mouse that Apple Magic Mouse 2 is also available on promotion.

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