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Goodbye to Aute, the musician who made art with his songs

by drbyos

The Spanish artist Luis Eduardo Aute, the very personal voice of the Ibero-American song but also a cartoonist, poet, painter and filmmaker, died yesterday in Madrid, at the age of 76.

Retired from the stage since August 2016 when he had a heart attack for 48 days in a coma, Aute’s aesthetic dimension was deployed on several fronts where he tried to find that subtle and fragile space where happiness and pain are debated.

“I am not able to say which discipline is the one that best expresses me because the trees do not reveal the forest and although the scope of the songs is much greater than that of poetry or painting, I express myself through of the same breeding ground but I do not have the capacity to see the whole of my work ”, Aute risked in December 2014 in a journalistic interview.

From that extreme sensitivity spread in an expressive fan, the creator born in the Philippines on September 13, 1943, built his own universe that in music found its most notorious echo.

Its debut in the song took place around 1965, composing for others (for example, the singers Ana Belén, Massiel and Rosa León) and three years later he began his personal record journey which, with twists and turns, resulted in thirty albums even “The boy who looked at the sea”, his last musical gesture dated in 2012.

Along this vast path, the guitarist and singer gave away songs that deserve a place on the payrolls of the notables in our language, among them, “Somehow”, “At dawn”, “Beauty”, “Anda”, “Sin your heartbeat “and” Inside “.

The songbook of Aute is, beyond each song, a libertarian and uncomfortable plea that refuses to enter the boxes and that, in addition to a non-negotiable posture, refers lucidly and without low blows to sex, love, the passage of weather.

That work was taxed in May 2015 on the album “Giralunas. A tribute to Luis Eduardo Aute ”in which musicians of a new generation took part, such as Natalia Lafourcade, Rozalén, Vanesa Martín, Xoel López, Miguel Poveda, Abel Pintos and Andrés Suárez.

A benchmark of Spanish song, Aute was also a film director, actor, sculptor, writer, painter and poet.


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