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Goodbye video Alain Delon before Euthanasia

April 23, 2022Saturday, 1:20 p.m.

Author: Flagman.BG

I hope that I will be an example for future actors not only in work but also in everyday life between victory and defeat – said the actor.

Alain Delon is preparing to end his life in Switzerland, where possible. Spanish newspaper Marca publishes Delon’s address to its fans:

“I want to thank everyone who has accompanied and supported me all these years. I hope to be an example for future actors not only in work but also in the daily life between victory and defeat. Thank you! Alain Delon or. “

He said this in a statement after his son announced his intention to commit suicide assistance.

His son Anthony Delon shared a video on Instagram, in which the famous actor appeared briefly. They sit on a park bench. Everything looks good, the sun is shining. Then Anthony Delon asked the star, “Aren’t we fit?” To the visibly tired Delon replied, “Oh, great!”

This post has delighted fans on the social network. Earlier, Anthony Delon explained that he had promised his father Allen to be with him at the last moment of his life, to accompany him on the day he decided not to live again. This is the most painful promise a son makes to his father.

Anthony Delon, who published Entre chien et loup, a book about his family, said that he had promised his father Alain Delon to be with him, to accompany him and to help him the day he decided not to live anymore. live. release. The actor had already experienced a similar ordeal a little over a year ago, with the death of his mother Natalie in January 2021.

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“It is true that I accompanied my mother. It is true that she decided to die as she lived, that is, when she will decide, so she chose euthanasia, she told RTL in an interview that will be broadcast today Fortunately, we did not go through this process. I say fortunately because everything was ready. We had the man … “, he continued on this practice, which is not yet allowed in France, but is regularly in the center in the public debate. “It’s true that it would be difficult for us to hold his hand and see how life left him. So I’m not saying that the last night was easy, but the last hours are because he went in peace,” the son continue.

“She simply came to our notice then. There was Mireille (black), my mother,” BGNES quoted Anthony Delon. A victim of a stroke in 2019, 86-year-old Alain Delon has regained his strength between Switzerland and his castle in Dushi. Rarely appears in public. He testified in a documentary last July and greeted his film friend Jean-Paul Belmondo at the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Church last September, making a sign to the crowd. Very excited at the death announcement he started with, he shared:

“It won’t be bad if we both go together.” Last January, on the first anniversary of the death of Natalie, his wife and mother Anthony, he sent us this exciting message: “For a year now … a fond memory of Natalie and all who knew and appreciated her.

“Last year, Delon spoke in several interviews about Euthanasia. In it, he saw a natural solution for someone who had reached a certain age, at some point wanting to die in peace.” Euthanasia is the most logical and natural thing to do. they do. From a certain age and time we have the right to leave this world peacefully without the support of a hospital or life support device, “said Alain Delon in an interview in 2021. The actor also said that he will leave this world without regret . ” Life does not bring me who knows what. I saw everything, I experienced everything. But what I hate most is the current age. I’m sick of that! Everything is fake, everything changes. There is no respect for a given word. Only money matters. I know I’m going to leave this world without being sad! “

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