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Goodbye with scarf! The legendary Ford Focus will stop in three years

European boss Ford Stewart Rowley confirmed what was clearly above the sun of Mondeo’s death in April: that the Mondeo must provide SUVs of various sizes, which they want to offer the blue oval and which are still, however incomprehensible, successful and. customers.

And it’s not just about those who buy SUVs. Plans to end the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines around the world were another nail in the coffin of this classic model.

Now it’s the turn of the Focus, a car that in 1999 carried an original look with a multi-component rear axle. Before the end of the millennium, the successor to the Ford Escort well acted as a revelation. However, it also became Czech and European car of the year. The focus has always been a car that has pleased demanding drivers, and has been, or still is, great in all four generations offered. Better than Volkswagen Golf in many ways.

The focus was sold as a hatchback, station wagon, sedan and, in collaboration with Italian body shop Pininfarina, also briefly as a coupe-cabiolet (2006-2010). The legends were the sports versions of the ST and especially sharp RS of all generations.

Photo: Ford

Ford Focus Mk1 can still be found on the roads

In three years, Focus will stop production at the German factory. It is uncertain whether the next electric model will get the same name, but in the end it doesn’t matter. The Ford Focus, as drivers around the world knew it, is coming to an end.

“We are looking for other alternative car manufacturing options in Saarlouis, including sales to other manufacturers,” Ford’s Stuart Rowley, head of the European division, told reporters on Wednesday. Ford employs 4,600 people in this factory. Ford in Europe now employs 41,000 people on the former continent.

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