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Goodfellas Actor Ray Liotta Announces Engagement | NOW

Ray Liotta is engaged to his girlfriend Jacy Nittolo, the actor announced on Instagram on Tuesday.

Liotta shares a photo of the couple at the Christmas tree. “Christmas wishes really come true,” he wrote with the picture. “I proposed to the love of my life and thank God she said yes!”

It is not clear when exactly the spark between 66-year-old Liotta and 46-year-old Nittolo was missed. The two first appeared together on the red carpet at this year’s Spirit Awards. There were already rumors of getting married back in June, when they were spotted kissing in Los Angeles while both appeared to be wearing a wedding ring.

Liotta became known for his role in the film Goodfellas from 1990. The film re-appeared in Dutch cinemas just before the lockdown.

Ray Liotta announces his engagement.


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