Google Chrome: side search in test to speed up navigation

The Canary versions of Chrome, versions not at all stable and intended for developers, often welcome new functions on which Google is working: in the last build a triptych of flags to be activated manually was discovered which allows to have an unusual lateral search , similar in style to that recently introduced by Microsoft Edge. The flags, which can be activated from chrome: // flags, all have a name reminiscent of “Side search” (just search for these words and activate the relative flags to try this function): once activated, the browser will display a new button with the letter G next to it to reload the page.

By clicking on it, you can call up the side search screen. This is in every way similar to a mobile page and allows you to do a Google search: by clicking on the results, they will automatically open on the right side of the screen and the search screen will therefore always remain at the first plan. Since the feature is currently only available in Chrome Canary, we likely won’t see it become stable until Chrome 96, which is currently slated to launch in mid-November.


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