Google is not your go-to when you have to search for news: this is how it wants to fix it

Google search isn’t the best when it comes to finding breaking news, that’s pretty much a given, I know a lot of it and I know Google too. This is why he wants to make up for it with a very ambitious project. The project Google is working on is called Big Moments and aims to make the Google search platform more attractive when it comes to checking the latest news. In this context, Google has not shown that it depends on its competitors: during the first weeks of the pandemic, Google had to intervene specifically to show as a priority the news disclosed by institutional bodies, to avoid fueling the hysteria and fake news. Becoming more appetizing is also becoming more reliable. This is also very clear for Google, which aims to make its platform very similar to Twitter, which is a leader in the field of breaking news. The work of the Big Moments project team focuses on events in the past, where news presentation algorithms could do better: these are situations such as the Black Lives Matter protests and the assault on the US Capitol.

The job is not easy, also because you always have to assume that Google is not a publisher and cannot perform this task. It is a platform that hosts content. The Big Moments team is, however, working on the implementation of editorial choice software algorithms, which would avoid human interaction. Among the changes that Google has been working on in the news industry is the offer of real-time updates on who is involved in a specific event. This real-time operation is already in the testing phase, according to The Information. For the moment everything remains quite nuanced, a sign that Google does not want to let much escape until it has something concrete in hand. We’ll be back to keep you updated as more developments on the Big Moments Project emerge.

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