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Google Maps: believed to witness tragic traffic accident, zooms and discovers shameful act | Photos | Google Street View | Google Earth | Argentina | Social networks

Cameras Google Maps They have angered thousands of users since these modern devices managed to capture the shameful act that a young driver of a vehicle did, which was found by the application on a desolate highway in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The tourist who made this unexpected find with Google Maps He specified that, in the first instance, he believed he had caught a tragic traffic accident; however, by zooming in on this vehicle, he was able to witness the unfortunate behavior of the driver of this mobile unit. What really happened? Keep reading to stay on top of everything.

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As it could be registered with the modern photographic devices it has Google Maps, a young driver had decided to take a nap in the middle of a highway Buenos Aires, while waiting for a crane, since one of the tires of the vehicle he was driving had deflated and he could not continue his journey.

The photos of this carefree driver went viral in Facebook, Since thousands were impressed to see that for lack of a pillow, the young driver used the tire of the mobile unit he was carrying to rest for a while.

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Do not you believe it? Check out our gallery located at the top of this post. In these images taken from Google Maps You can see the exact moment in which this embarrassing incident occurs in the Olivera area, in the capital of Argentina.

It is important to mention that this is not the first time that Google Maps manages to make this type of peculiar findings somewhere on the planet. We ask you to check other publications in which you can also see all kinds of incredible discoveries made by the lenses of these modern virtual navigation equipment.

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Cool Google Maps tricks

Believe it or not, Google Maps it has an infinity of tricks, that few users know, that will be very useful utility and they will make you the envy of your friends, family, coworkers, among other people.

If you want to know all these secret tricks and tips to take advantage of Google Mapsthen feel free to check the following video from Youtube which collects the hidden methods of the application developed by the technology giant.

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This was the route of the Google Maps car in Peru

Very few people know this, but the car of Google Maps walked the streets of Lime several years ago, this in order to take 360-degree photographs that are used so that any user can make a virtual visit to our country.

The following video, which has thousands of views on Youtube, shows us all the details of the visit of the car of Google Maps to Peru. Likewise, we can see how this vehicle traveled several streets of Lima and the reactions it caused.

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Other Google Maps tricks you sure don’t know

Google Maps It has so many secret tricks that a youtuber decided to collect a good number of them in a video and her work soon became a trend on social networks, where thousands have congratulated her for her selfless work.

The audiovisual material, which has thousands of views on YouTube, shows little-known tricks of Google Maps And if you want to become an expert in this application, then do not hesitate to play the next video that is trending.

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How to use Google Maps without Internet?

Despite being very popular, many people still do not know how to use it correctly Google Maps, nor the secret tricks that this application it has, one of them will allow you to use the application without the need to be connected to Internet.

The next viral video published in Youtube shows you the steps you must follow in order to use Google Maps on your cell phone, even if you are not connected to Internet, a secret trick that very few people know.

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