Google points out walkers who have been shackled on their phones to look around | NOW

A new beta feature in Google’s Digital Wellbeing app reminds walkers to look up from time to time to avoid accidents. The update is currently being made available to those with Pixel 4A phones, reports XDA Developers.

If people want to use the option, they give their phone permission to record physical activities. In addition, they can choose to share location information. In exchange for this information, they occasionally get a reminder to look away from the screen during a walk.

“When you walk with your phone, you occasionally get a reminder to focus on what’s going on around you,” Google describes. The company emphasizes that walkers themselves remain responsible and that the function does not replace paying attention itself.

It is not clear when Google wants to release the update on more Android phones. The Digital Wellbeing app from Google was created to make people less distracted by their phones. The app also allows people to set timers for certain apps to use, and Bedtime mode reminds users to go to sleep on time.


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