Google sells smart screen with sleep measurement for 100 euros in the Netherlands | NOW

The second generation of the Nest Hub will appear in the Netherlands on May 4. Google’s smart screen can analyze a user’s sleep behavior without having to wear a smartwatch or other sensors.

The Nest Hub does not have a camera but uses soli, a form of radar technology, to detect movements of the person closest to the device. For example, breathing and restless rotational movements can be recorded.

There are also three microphones on the new Nest Hub. With this, snoring and coughing sounds can be registered. Light and temperature sensors monitor the environment.

All data is processed on the device itself, after which the user receives an analysis of the previous night every morning via the Google Fit app. This shows how long the person slept, how regular their breathing was and when they snored. Google also offers explanations and suggestions. Rapid breathing can be caused by an upcoming flu or because there are pollen in the air.

The new Google Nest Hub

According to Google, one in five people uses their Google Hub in the bedroom. Alarm clocks can be set with the device and the screen can serve as a wake-up light.

At the moment users do not have to pay for the sleep analysis. Google speaks of a free taster. Next year it will be a paid subscription function, although it is not yet clear what the monthly price will be.

The Nest Hub costs 99 euros. This makes it cheaper than the first version, which sold for 129 euros. It has been on sale in the United States for some time.


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