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Google Stadia, PUBG also finally arrives on the platform


There have been some concerns about the number of games that will be available on Google Stadia. Many people thought that Google’s Cloud Gaming platform had few games in its library. However, while streaming Stadia Connect live, Google announced that one of the fans’ favorite Battle Royale games, PUBG, is now available on Google Stadia.

Players can play PUBG on Google Stadia for € 29.99 or € 39.99 with the Season Pass. Additionally, until the end of May, Google Stadia Pro is free for members in 14 supported countries. It means that for those Stadia members, PUBG is free, including the Season Pass. As a bonus, all PUBG players on Stadia will have an exclusive Stadia skin in the game.

Google Stadia is ready to welcome new games

In addition to PUBG, many other games are now available on Google Stadia, including Square Enix’s Octapath Traveler for € 59.99. Moroever, Get Packed, an exclusive “First on Stadia”, is available starting today for € 20. To remind you, the “First on Stadia” titles are exclusive and will be launched on Stadia before any other platform.

Interestingly, Google has announced that it is working with EA to bring titles like Star Wars: The Fallen Order, Madden NFL and FIFA to Stadia this year. Now these are the EA titles mentioned by Google. However, this partnership between EA and Google means that there will be more EA games coming to the platform.

In addition, Google plans to bring Square Enix titles to the platform, starting with Lara Croft. Finally, Google has also announced two other exclusive “First on Stadia”. The first is Crayta, which allows you to create your own game. The second is Ember, a game about being bad firefighters, which will be available in early access from May 21 onwards.

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