Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Google wants to replace SMS with RCS: a chance for operators and companies?

We were talking about it this morning, Google announced its intention to put on break Allo its chat application for the benefit of Chat, an Apple-based iMessage-based Android alternative based on Rich Communications Services, or RCS, a standard that is intended to provide enhanced functionality for traditional SMS.

Google has been working for some time on a new type of SMS. In addition to Google, many device manufacturers like Samsung support this project. But it is the mobile operators who are particularly interested: the new uses of instant messengers such as Messenger Facebook or WhatsApp their escape completely. According to Ovum, the shortfall is starting to become huge for some operators around the world, especially in countries where SMS is still a revenue line.

The firm estimates that the net loss for telecom operators between 2012 and 2018 was $ 386 billion. This new generation SMS could therefore stop this bleeding.

It’s also a chance for companies. The RCS allows to simply exchange during the conversation texts, documents, images and videos. It also allows to start group discussions like MMS ?, not exactly because the RCS does not impose in theory no size limit. And all types of documents can be exchanged as on an instant messenger. In short, it can become a tool for collaborative work.

It also offers the ability to manage read receipts and access complete statistics. What give ideas to businesses in a context of marketing campaign made of rich content sent directly in short massages. But it could also be an invoice, a boarding card, etc … We must not forget that the SMS remains an important channel of engagement for businesses, the growth of SMS traffic. application (A2P) is an illustration.

According to one another Ovum global study , 36% of the companies surveyed indicated that they were interested in using an improved SMS messaging service such as the RCS.

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