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Google’s crazy quantum ambition

On the occasion of Google I / O, the search engine unveiled its roadmap for the quantum computer. The company is not lacking in ambition and it has the means to make a difference.

The next decade will be one of great quantum challenges, Google explained. Climate change, the next pandemic, renewable energies, all of these events require enormous computing power that only quantum computing can offer. Google had announced, a little imprudently, to have arrived at the ” quantum supremacy In 2019, which had been refuted by IBM.

A viable computer in 2029

Beyond marketing, Google’s ambitions in the field are immense. The American group unveiled its new Quantum AI campus in Santa Barbara, California. Specialists will be able to use a quantum data center as well as research equipment equipped with quantum chips developed by Google.

The Quantum AI campus. Credit: Google

To explain the capabilities of quantum computing, Google gives the example of understanding how molecules work. To succeed in simulating it, traditional computers are not sufficient. ” When you are interested in molecules, even small ones, you quickly run out of computer resources. Writes Erik Lucero, chief engineer of Quantum AI.

« Nature is quantum mechanics: interactions and bonds between atoms behave in a probabilistic way, with a richer dynamic that exhausts simple classical computational logic », Continues the leader. To achieve its goal, Google wants to build a million qubits physics that will work together. A hell of a bet, because the most powerful quantum machines have less than 100 qubits …

Ultimately, Google intends to bring a viable quantum computer to market by 2029.

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