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GoPro killer is not Action Osmo Action, but a worthy competitor


MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif – Sometimes it pays more than one day for a full review of a camera.

In my first look at the DJo's Osmo Action, appointed as GoPro marker, I had little time to work with him and I spent a lot of watching a film back to DJI, the Mavic maker Mavic. common, for me to be more stable and finer than the GoPro.

Osmo DJI Action (Photo: DJI)

He was not. Indeed, some of the footage was smaller than the GoPro and so the USA photographer Robert Hanashiro and I were very surprised.

It turns out, the Osmo camera has several sites, and some of them do not offer the stability element of "Rock Steady". Turning the camera on the beach on a bright day, we put the arrangements on 1080p, 30 frames in the second, but slipped out and switched one note below, to 720p, and you didn't think it. Happy.

Much of the review was based on the good 1080p, 30 frames per second footage.

However, I spent the weekend doing more test footage, walking and driving with the camera, and using Selfie camera, a bonus feature of the Osmo not at the GoPro. I also shot slow movement modes, in my 4x and 8x slot, other missing perk on the GoPro, and time-lapse footage.

My bottom line varies and what I said first. Despite DJI's promise that the camera is more caring and fairer than the GoPro and that it will "deliver stable footage, free of charge, no matter how heavy the action is," that is not the case. I'd say.

I feel it is as smooth as the GoPro, most of the time, but not smoother. Watch the footage back and back and you decide.

As $ 349, the Osmo Action is a nice option on the GoPro on some levels. The initial viewing screen is great for the vloggers to compose their shots, and even better, the footage is not as wild as it could be as the GoPro.

The slot methods are completely awesome, giving you the option to shoot at 4x or 8x slowly, and there are also many seamless options.

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The "RockSteady" announced on DJI's website is not available in some shot modes, including 720 at any frame rate, 1080p at 240, 200, 120 or, 100 frame per second, 4k at 4: 3 resolution and with HDR video option.

And that's my big beef, and consumer alert: I'm all for manual controls, but this camera has too many options. I just can't imagine how much the settings allow for the sites to slip and why their footage is tormented.

Have you checked the DJM Osmo Action camera yet? I would love to hear your ideas on Twitter, where I am at @jeffersongraham

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