»Gorch Fock« renovation: court dismisses million dollar lawsuit against the federal government

In a million dollar dispute over renovation costs of the sailing training ship “Gorch Fock” the Regional Court of Bremen rejected all claims of a participating shipyard. The Bredo Dockgesellschaft in Bremerhaven demanded 10.5 million euros from the federal government for labor and material on the sailing training ship. But it will come out empty-handed now. A federal counterclaim was also dismissed.

Bredo managing director Dirk Harms said that they would check whether the company would go into appeal against the judgment. Work on the naval ship was carried out at his shipyard from 2015 to 2019. The Bund took the view before the court that all invoices had already been paid to the then general contractor, the now insolvent Elsflether shipyard.

Elsflether Werft took over the renovation of the naval training ship in 2015. Since the world-famous sailing training ship entered the shipyard, the costs for the planned renovation have risen massively: While a budget of ten million euros was initially calculated, the current figures are 135 million euros.

The civil process in Bremen is a secondary issue in the lengthy and expensive renovation of the three-master. Their costs have risen from a planned 10 million euros to 135 million euros. The navy trains officer candidates on the tall ship.

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