Gordon Ramsay donated to deceased MasterChef Junior child

MasterChef Junior one of the most cherished candidates has lost. A few days ago, news came out that Ben has died at the age of fourteen. The young cook was suffering from a rare cancer. The fans of the cooking show donated en masse to the GoFundMe-page that Ben’s family had set up to finance the costs of the treatments. Gordon also contributed. The TV chef donated $ 50,000 to the fundraising project, sources say TMZ.

Gordon has been committed to Ben before. Together with the other young contestants of the sixth season, he recorded a video to encourage people to donate. More than $ 200,000 has already been raised, which will now go to Ben’s family in the aftermath of his death. The MasterChef Juniorcandidate was diagnosed with the rare cancer angiomatosis fibrosa histiocytoma at the age of 13. It’s so rare that his doctors believe Ben is one of only six cases in the world.

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