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Górnik Zabrze “enlarged” the stadium. There will be another record!

10,270 spectators attended the Górnik Zabrze – Lechia Gdańsk game. This record may be broken, because more places will be available at the Arena Zabrze at the game against Wisła Kraków.

Górnik Zabrze announced that over 12,000 fans will be able to enter the stands on Friday (September 25) against Wisła Kraków.

– The club’s authorities, in consultation with Ekstraklasa SA, have taken all possible measures to increase the number of places at the facility to the maximum. Their effect is to open all sectors of the Arena for the next match. Ernest Pohl for the fans of Górnik, of course respecting the rules of the regime and distance – informed the leader of PKO Ekstraklasa.

So far, the best attendance result in times of the pandemic is 10,270 spectators at the match against Lechia Gdańsk. Filling the stadium in the next queue would mean the second result in the entire Ekstraklasa. The record belongs to Lech Poznań and 17,546 fans at the derby with Warta. In this case, however, it is a much larger facility.

– Taking into account the interest (on Wednesday at 10:00 there were already 9.500 occupied), we are convinced that we will break another record and reach the full set! – they announce the sounding.

Tickets can be purchased both online and stationary.

Fans from Krakow will not be admitted to the match.

– One of the conditions of the valid permit for the organization of mass events by Górnik Zabrze is not accepting visitors’ fans. After the decision of the Polish Football Association from several days ago, which after many months enables the commencement of activities aimed at accepting organized groups of visiting teams, the Club began the necessary administrative procedure, consisting in obtaining additional opinions from the Police and the Sanepid. The procedures are ongoing and Górnik Zabrze has no influence on their course. Until the end of this process, the Club is not able to receive a formal consent to host organized groups of fans of visiting teams – emphasized Górnik in the press release.

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