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Fred van Leer has to endure even more misery, the social media use of Countess Eloise and Glennis Grace tells all about her breasts. An overview of last week’s entertainment world.

To say that Fred van Leer is not going well these past weeks is an understatement. The stylist gets through it (literally, as it turned out this week), but it is hoped that the misery is now behind him. After private footage of him was leaked a few weeks ago, two men attempted to raid Fred in his own home this week.

The stylist was already fighting after the leakage of the images, when he told his followers on Instagram about the rough week he had afterwards. Fred had tried to harm himself, but was glad he had failed and very grateful for all the support.

After something so fierce you hope that someone can concentrate on beautiful, nice things, but unfortunately for Fred there are still very nasty people walking around who saw this as the perfect moment to attack him. Two men, dressed in PostNL outfits, rang Fred with a ‘package’.

Fred smelled danger because one of the men brought the package upstairs, while delivery men preferred not to climb the steep stairs and put the things down. “At that moment it’s freezing or fighting. I hit him so hard that he thundered down a long flight of stairs.”

Unfortunately, it was not over yet, because the other man had a firearm and threatened Fred. “I kicked for my life,” said the stylist, who was left with a bruised rib from the whole incident. He is also in survival mode. “I feel good, strengthened and fighting. I have been faced with hotter fires.”

What made you famous?

There are now so many ‘celebrities’ to be found on social media that it is sometimes difficult to know where we should know them from. A nice challenge was devised for this on TikTok: show what we know you from.

Countess Eloise is now almost better known from her social media channels than from her parents, but she is not the worst and she showed her mother and father in a smiling video. The images were shared and widely circulated and people loved to see the royal family giving a little more insight into their lives.

In retrospect, it may not have been very useful, so the video was removed. Princess Laurentien did not really criticize her daughter. “The most important thing is that she stays herself and stands firmly in her shoes. She is eighteen years old, a grown young woman.”

Of course she whispers something to her daughter, but Laurentien has full confidence in Eloise. “Life is a learning process, also for her. You can see that she is celebrating her life, the most important thing is her authenticity.”

Hepie and Hepie

Not only Eloise is familiar with the benefits of social media, other well-known Dutch people also know that it is the place to really get in touch with your fans. Glennis Grace really shows her followers everything, it turned out this week, because the singer vlogged about her breast reduction.

“Hepie en Hepie” as Glennis calls them were made a bit smaller to fit her body better. And that was quite exciting. “I am seriously really nervous. I find that anesthesia terrifying and terrifying. The first time my mother was there, she held my hand, then I started crying like a baby”, with which Glennis immediately seemed to talk about a previous breast augmentation.

Glennis is incredibly happy with the end result and thinks her “friends” now fit her body better, she said happily. Fans who wish her strength are kindly answered, but it is not necessary, because the operation is long gone. “I can’t go back, they’re already done.”


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