Gott returns to the man, but aha, for whom she exchanged Tim!

29.4. 13:00

Doesn’t he know what he wants? Dominika Gottová is returning to Finland to Tim, but see who she took her hand around Prague until the last moment …

Dominika Gottová continues to surprise with her actions. When she returned to Prague more than a year ago under relatively dramatic circumstances, it seemed like it was forever. At that time, she was determined to divorce Tim and start a new life in the Czech Republic. And at first it looked quite promising. Dominika found a job, lost weight, started appearing in the company …

But then, like everyone else, Dominika made a cut over the crown pandemic budget. Gott’s daughter lost her job, so she tried to make a living, most often by providing information about her family to the media and preparing a rather scandalous book about her father, which also preceded the widow Ivana Gott with the publication of an autobiographical book about Karl Gott, which he himself wrote “Divine Kája”.

However, even that was not enough for Dominika to function properly, so she reconsidered her relationship with Tim. She eventually withdrew the divorce, and with Tim and Finland, the spouses applied for a state apartment as socially deprived, and they received it. So it was decided that Dominika simply found out that he loved Tim and returned to Finland to follow him.

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Did she exchange Dominic Tim for another? Who is that man? Take a look at PHOTO!

Before leaving for Finland, she came to Prague to solve the necessary things in Prague, both at the offices and also to pack her personal belongings for moving to Finland. And she also said goodbye to her friends. Dominika has stated that she will stay in Finland until she dies, but you never know with her … When it came to breaking bread, she was suddenly caught walking around Prague and hugging with another man, see the PHOTO in the GALLERY. Did she finally trade Tim for this man?


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