Gotta’s daughter is said to be dead! He drinks soon, warns the surroundings

“I am sure that he will never improve,” her former landlady Miroslav Kolodziej told the editorial staff of the website some time ago. He also made no secret of the fact that, in his opinion, Dominica’s body would soon fail. And unfortunately he was probably right.

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During the routine medical examination, the Master’s daughter should have heard that she was not well at all. “They measured my pressure there, and I had over two hundred! The doctor was horrified and immediately wrote me pills, “she told the daily Aha! Dominika, who has been battling diabetes for several years. Excessive alcohol consumption has also led to a liver problem. “I also got medication for that, it’s strength! I know and feel that I have to do something with myself, “she said consciously. But isn’t it high time ?!

Sadly, Dominica’s surroundings no longer trust her eternal promises. “She will never get 100% better, I’m sure,” said Kolodziej, who provided her and her partner a year ago. Šárka Rezková asylum in their house.

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