Gott’s social apartment! 3 + 1 and 79 m² both in a Czech block of flats

The eldest daughter Karla Gotta († 80) and a three-room apartment 79 m možná (which is the size of a classic 3 + 1 in a Czech block of flats, editor’s note) may fall into the lap of an agitated musician. And right in the Jollas district of Helsinki, where they both lived peacefully at the beginning of their marriage. The terms of the lease, ie what the state will pay and what Dominika and Tim from the considerable support they asked for, are not yet clear.

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Long negotiations

“We had an appointment at the office on Friday and it looks promising. After the weekend we will go to see the apartment, “said Aha! Dominica when we called her. “It’s good that I stayed here and was at those meetings in person,” she recalled, noting that she missed a plane to Prague last week due to a drunken suicide attempt.

He will return to Prague

As soon as the housing negotiations are settled, he wants to Gott return to Prague. “I have external work commitments there that I want to complete. And as soon as the apartment and work in Helsinki are secure, I’ll be back here for Tim. He should temporarily live with our friends, “she added from the hotel where they stayed yesterday.

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