Goulard case: Macron proposes a European "high authority of public life"


He had not been able to hide his "surprise", as this Friday reminded him of several journalists at a press conference. But Emmanuel Macron takes his disappointment after the recent rejection by MEPs of his Commission candidate Sylvie Goulard. And especially his annoyance, after what looks like a snub for the French leader: "If we politicize this process, we will destroy," he creaked from Brussels, before proposing the creation of a " high authority of European public life.

For the French president, what happened last October 10 is indeed a "dysfunction", a sign of a "political crisis". At the end of a second hearing, some 82 MEPs voted against the former Minister of the Armed Forces pushed by Emmanuel Macron. Only 29 had approved it.

Macron denounces "settling of accounts"

It is a priori for ethical reasons that the deputies have failed the French, under the influence of a judicial investigation in France. But Emmanuel Macron felt that the "vulnerabilities" of Sylvie Goulard "were used for political purposes."

And to insist: "There have been political settlements between families in parliament," thinks to have analyzed the president, who met earlier in the morning the President-elect of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and Heads of State and Government representing the three major European political families.

Emmanuel Macron also seems in no hurry to introduce new names to Ursula von der Leyen to replace his fallen candidate.


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