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Government activated the port of La Unión for the operation of the ferry between El Salvador and Costa Rica

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Óscar Guardado, confirmed the positive development of corn crops in the canton of San Felipe de San Juan Opico, in La Libertad.

With this, MAG seeks to guarantee the production of basic grains and the positive management of the inputs delivered in the Agricultural Package.

“The Government is working hand in hand with you, the producers, because only together can we guarantee the production of food, not only for your families but also for the Salvadoran population. We are in a transition, going from chemical agriculture to high-yield organic agriculture. The transfer of technologies is essential to make agriculture productive and competitive, “said the minister.

For the farmer, Fidel Mira, the approach of the official and each one of the technicians reflects the positive actions of the Government for the sector and the population. “We have had a positive action with the H-59 seed, because despite the little rain we have a positive yield,” said the farmer.

“We have a positive harvest. Thanks to technical assistance from the National Center for Agricultural Technology (CENTA), there are very positive results despite the decrease in rainfall. We follow the recommendations on positive Agricultural Practices (GAP) and the results are positive,” he said.

We have applied positive Agricultural Practices, such as leaving organic material and not burning stubble. This has helped us to have a better harvest. It looks better,” said the farmer who grows an apple and a half of corn, diversified with lemon, papaya and yucca trees.

The extension agent in charge of the Opico area, Erasmo Gómez, explained that field work is important, because the producers have their knowledge and the technicians provide even more tools in line with the modernization and improvement of agriculture. “We owe it to them, to the farmers,” he pointed out.

The CENTA Transfer Manager, Francisco Torres, highlighted the accompaniment of the extension agents, since they make them aware that GAP must be applied at all times, not only in dry weather to have better harvests, protect the land and the ecosystem in order to to add to the country’s food security.

With the support of the Government, Don Fidel and the other producers in his community feel heard and cared for, for which he appreciates the work of the MAG and its dependencies with the sector, and for all the work of the president in other areas to build a best country.
«Thanks to the reduction in crime, today we can work in peace, it motivates us to get ahead. We produce quietly on our land, no one wanted to take care of it and to this day we can feel at peace,” concluded farmer Fidel Mira.

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