“Government and opposition arm in arm. Doormats of the neoliberal system”


After the political storm that resulted from his declaration of vote (contrary) to the Covid decree, Thursday in the Chamber in the Chamber, with words still in his sights to evaluate the possibility that the crime of vilification to the President of the Republic is envisaged, he speaks to Affaritaliani.it the former M5S member and now in the Mixed group Sara Cunial.

Cunial, would you do it all again?

Absolutely yes.

The classroom intervention in the Chamber of Deputy Sara Cunial that sparked controversy

The attack on the President of the Republic could cost her the accusation of vilification, are you aware of this? No attack on the President of the Republic. The only attack is on dogmatic scientism, the real scourge of this country. In my speech in the Chamber, the reference to the multi-president and, therefore, to Giorgio Napolitano, who has always supported and encouraged this cultural system, was clear.

In his speech he has it for everyone. Also for the WHO financed by Bill Gates. In the viewfinder, then, there is the pharmaceutical, why?
The target is all those who are selling off public health and democracy with private and private interests. We are in the hands of a handful of pharmaceutical and agrochemical multinationals that control food, seeds, land and people’s lives. Forza Italia, for example, filed a motion on the mandatory anti-influenza vaccine for people over 65, in continuity with the order of Zingaretti of the Lazio Region. Obviously, they are all aligned on these issues. And do you know why?


Probably because they want to replicate the excellent Lombard model, where with the sound of vaccines they have managed to obtain the surprising results that are now visible to everyone.

He makes a strong accusation against the government to anesthetize the minds with strokes of amuchina and Pnl. Was he referring to his former colleagues M5S on the Pnl?

Just listen to the words of President Conte or other public affairs administrators, turn on the television or read the newspapers of these months to understand that we are facing a real brainwashing. The PNL is studied and used by many parliamentary groups as well as by many parts of society. Today we are beyond Orwell. And what happened in the mass media after my speech in the Chamber proves it. Although it was all in the case, I was attributed with sentences that I never said.

Still on the subject of the Five stars, does the Crimi management convince you or did you prefer the M5s led by Di Maio?

It is not my problem. Fortunately no more.

Was the government better with the league?
The real divergence is now between system and anti-system rather than between government and opposition forces which, in most cases, end up hand in hand.

However, does the work of this executive fail him?

I reject any doormat government of that neoliberal system that has led us to failure and a crisis – social, environmental and moral – without precedent.

Do you see personal freedoms at risk?
What freedoms? Personal freedoms are not at risk today, they are already lost. When words like “regime”, “allow” and “allow” are used, when you use expressions such as “you have to deserve parks”, when you impose bracelets on children to keep their distance in schools or are asked to certify the our bonds, where is freedom? What about democracy?

On the health front, you say that little has been done about serotherapy. Do you think Professor De Donno and plasma treatment have been boycotted?

Any different path has not been taken into consideration. Deliberately. Just as we deliberately don’t talk about prevention. And this also leads me to think that the interest is not public health but rather the profit that can derive from its management.

In your opinion, is there too much deference to the EU?

The problem is not Europe, the problem is that we are slaves to a global neoliberal system that has engulfed entire countries. And Italy, unfortunately, finds itself at the same time being a logistical-strategic platform and laboratory of guinea pigs served on a silver platter.

With the Mes will it end up as with Tap and Tav and, therefore, will the M5s be placed in the corner?

It will end as always. Not a single Five Star battle has been waged. All have been betrayed and, with them, thousands of citizens.

How are the oppositions doing?

What oppositions? The first Covid decree in February, which turned out to be a blank check for all that the government has done in recent months, only received two votes against, mine and that of Vittorio Sgarbi. It makes you laugh that the minorities then made the big voice protesting for the Dpcm who had authorized with the go-ahead to that first measure. Don’t you think so?

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