Friday, 19 Oct 2018

Government defeats non-confidence vote, Prime Minister Narendra Modi says opposition lacks self-confidence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused Congress of accusations of wrongdoing in the Rafale case, of national security issues such as Dokalam's confrontation with China and the surgical strike. to Rahul Gandhi – even as he was questioning the unity of the opposition during his speech in the debate on the motion of censure.

Modi alleges that congressional senior management suffers from arrogance and lack of self-confidence to convince the electorate to form a government. "Instead, they abused the constitutional provision of censorship to deceive the people," he said.

The Prime Minister also played in his modest home environment and said that Congress could not stand him in the high position. Modi said that the main opposition seems to be wary of its allies and that the motion of censure is an attempt to test the unity of the opposition. He chose to continue his attack on Congress by describing Deve Gowda and Sharad Pawar as grassroots leaders. The prime minister made several references to Rahul Gandhi's surprise decision to go to his seat and give him a hug.

Confusion in the opposition camp
He said that he was surprised that when the debate was just beginning, he was told "Get up, get up" from your seat. He added that someone seems to be in a hurry to occupy the chair.

"Nobody can make that one gets up from this seat.That was decided by 1.25 crore people of the country.What is the speed? It's the arrogance that makes to say that the Prime Minister will not be able to cope with me for 15 minutes, I am not only standing, but standing firm on my accomplishments over the past four years, saying that we will not allow you to come to power in 2019. Those who do not believe not people have such arrogance, "said Modi.

Modi said that these days we talk a lot about Shiv bhakti, a reference to Rahul who calls himself Shiv bhakt. "I am also a Shiv Bhakt and I pray Lord Shiva to give you the power to present a motion of censure in 2024," said Modi. While the next Lok Sabha polls are scheduled to take place in 2019, the next one will take place in 2024.

He did some digs during the congressional attempt to rally the other parties, saying that there was a lot of confusion in the camp of the Opposition.

"If Congress becomes the largest party in the next elections, I will become Prime Minister," said the prime minister, in an obvious reference to Rahul Gandhi, adding, "But there is confusion about what will happen to ambitions of its other partners.This is not a substantive test of Congress, but a substantive test of its so-called allies. "Modi pointed out that Congress is worried about keeping parties that do not Do not have much in common.

The motion of no confidence was rejected with 325 votes to 126 in favor.

Modi cautioned Congress against irresponsible statements, particularly on issues of national security and international relations. He said the statement on the case burst and secrecy clause had forced two countries (India and France) to provide clarification. He also countered Rahul Gandhi's accusation that he was a "bhagidar" – that he was an accomplice in helping the corporate houses. "It was said today that I can not see the eyes with them.Who am I to see with my eyes? I come from a poor family.You are naamdar, I am kaamdar."

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