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Government of Sask. reports 4 suspected new cases of COVID-19

The Saskatchewan government is reporting four new presumptive COVID-19 cases.

A press release published on Saturday evening states that two people living in the same Regina family were tested for COVID-19 on March 13, after one of the residents attended a dental conference in Vancouver, where one participant was subsequently confirmed to have COVID-19.

They were tested on March 13th and are currently self-insulating.

Another 20-year-old individual who recently traveled to Tennessee in the United States was tested in Regina and has now self-isolated at home.

The government said that a resident of northern Saskatchewan, who is a health worker in his thirties, is also self-isolated after reporting a travel history in Nigeria and Germany, as well as in Alberta, but did not specify which community the person lives in. to.

“Public health officials are following up on people who have had close contacts with all these cases and who may be at risk of developing COVID-19,” the statement said.

The federal government and Saskatchewan chief of health are now recommending anyone overseas to return to Canada and others should avoid nonessential travel until further notice.

All travelers returning to Canada after traveling abroad, including the United States, must self-isolate and monitor their health for 14 days after arrival.

Travelers returning from destinations in Canada are encouraged to self-monitor on their return home.

“Members of the public who have traveled outside the province in the previous 14 days should not visit hospitals or long-term care facilities,” says the note.

Also on Saturday evening, the Saskatchewan health authority imposed the following new restrictions on visitors to Saskatchewan health facilities:

  • For patients who are in intensive care or high acuity units in SHA hospitals, visitors will be limited to one at a time, unless mitigating circumstances exist.
  • All communities, foundations and other public and spiritual encounters within any facility managed by the SHA are in effect immediately until further notice.
  • We suspend services provided by community volunteers aged 65 and over in non-essential service areas. We appreciate their service and dedication and thank them for their support. However, we must ensure that adequate measures are taken to limit non-essential community interaction in our structures. Non-essential voluntary service areas are determined by each individual facility.

Saqib Shahab, chief medical health director, will provide an update on the COVID-19 situation in Regina on Sunday at 11.00 CST.

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