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Government targets production of around 500,000 non-sanitary masks per day

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The French government hopes to soon reach the milestone of 480,000 non-sanitary masks produced every day in the country, in order to equip employees of companies who continue to go to work.

In the next few days“, The executive expects a daily production of”480,000 masksWith the support of the textile industry in particular, said Agnès Pannier-Runacher, secretary of state to the Minister of Economy and Finance, on Monday during a telephone press conference. Then, “the challenge is to ramp up production“Said Bercy.

No price framework

Distinct from FFP2 or surgical masks, intended primarily for nursing staff, this protective equipment will be produced for employees of companies who must continue to go to work.

In collaboration with the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) in particular, the government has created two new categories of non-sanitary masks. These are “individual masks for use by professionals in contact with the public“(Such as the police or employees of large retailers) and”masks for collective aim“, Which will be intended for”professional environments” By Monday, 85 mask prototypes had been validated, offered by 45 textile companies across France.

Agnes Pannier-Runacher assured that there would be “no price frameworkFor these products, unlike hydroalcoholic gel.

You have companies that make products to give the masks. Most companies (are) on models where it is not for them to make the margin, it is to serve a national need“, However, detailed the Secretary of State.


Regarding the production of FFP2 and surgical masks, Bercy indicated that he wanted “go from an estimated monthly production of 15 million masks (…) before the crisis to more than 40 million masks in April” As for hydroalcoholic gel, while “48,000 liters“Daily were consumed on average in 2019, production reaches today”almost 500,000 liters per day

The coronavirus has caused 2,606 deaths since the start of the epidemic in December, according to the latest data released Sunday evening.


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