Government tested on the Bonafede case, Renziani pressing on Conte | Di Maio at News Mediaset: compact majority

After the meeting with Boschi, the Renzians reiterate that they are still waiting for a “signal” on the issues of justice. “Let’s wait to listen to Bonafede and then Renzi speaks”, is the eve line. M5s shields the minister, as does the Democratic Party, which however asks for a change of pace. Be Vito Crimi that Graziano Delrio, like the minister Francesco Boccia, they say that if mistrust passes, the government crisis opens.

Few believe that Renzi will go this far. But the small numbers of the majority and the risk of an accident contribute to shaking the eve. Boschi enters Palazzo Chigi twice in the same day. First he meets the prime minister’s cabinet chief, Alessandro Goracci, to deliver Iv’s proposals, then is received by Conte. And, according to Renzian sources, it records “steps forward” on the shock plan for infrastructures (a theme on which the majority agrees but which the allies do not want to ‘leave’ to Renzi in an ad hoc decree) and on the Family act.

But on Justice, they add, “a signal” is still awaited. Which means, according to several sources of majority: reshuffle. Woods instead of Bonetti? It is one of the hypotheses in circulation. An ad hoc ministry would be the request of the Renzians. In the majority there are those who are against giving much. And in the M5s it is widely believed that, no matter what he concedes, Renzi will not stop his guerrilla warfare to wear down the government and bring it down.

In the meantime, however while Bonafede writes his speech and records “certificates of esteem”, the eve of the vote does not end. Iv will meet in assembly to decide, furrowed by two tendencies, a governor and a barricadera: “We will be compact”, they assure. Among the hypotheses there is also the exit from the classroom. But the numbers are so “short” that the accident is around the corner. The latest counts accredit between 150 and 151 votes for the majority without Iv and 144 for the motion presented by Emma Bonino for + Europa con Action and Fi. This is the vote that worries us more than that on the unitary motion of the center-right. Because it could attract, in addition to the 17 senators of Iv (but in the group there are different opinions), even 5 or 6 Misto senators considered uncertain, including former M5s such as Ciampolillo and Giarrusso, and then names such as Pier Ferdinando Casini and Tommaso Cerno. The socialists, represented in the Senate by Riccardo Nencini (in the Iv share), ask for the minister’s resignation under penalty of a no-confidence vote.

In the evening Andrea Marcucci brings together the Pd senators and indeed discontent emerges as to how Bonafede and the owner of the Lucia Azzollina school work without consulting the allies. “We don’t like Bonafede’s method,” says Marcucci. But from here to vote the distrust passes. “There are no reasons neither of merit nor of method, but overcome this phase – they say from the Pd – we need a change of pace with reforms of criminal justice, civil, of the CSM and of the penitentiary system”. Meanwhile, M5s makes a square. If the crisis opens, we go to vote, they say from the Democratic Party. But “the motion will be largely rejected,” says M5s minister Federico D’Incà.


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