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Government to monitor “disproportionate behavior of citizens” in supermarkets | Coronavirus

The Government created a Group for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Conditions for Supplying Goods in the Agro-food and Retail Sectors Due to Market Dynamics determined by covid-19, which will have its first meeting starting at 2:30 pm this Thursday.

According to a note sent this morning, the Ministry of Economy explains that this initiative arises “in view of the need to monitor and evaluate the evolution of the supply chain in the agri-food and retail sectors”.

“Among the Group’s objectives is the anticipation of possible disruptions in the provision of regular services or individual behavior that is disproportionate to the actual needs of citizens”, adds the same note.

The Government also says that another mission of this working group is to “outline, if necessary, preventive or corrective measures aimed at maintaining or restoring normal supply conditions”.

On Wednesday, at the end of the day, the president of the Confederation of Farmers of Portugal underlined that “farmers are perfectly attuned so that the food supply chain is ensured”. At the end of a meeting of the Social Concert, in Lisbon, on the impacts of the Covid-19 disease, Oliveira e Sousa assured that “there is an effort with the chains of the distribution areas (…) so that there is no break in the supply of products ”.

“There will be no shortage of fruit or vegetables and the Portuguese can be perfectly safe”, as there is “a stabilized supply chain in line with the commercial areas and the distribution networks”, he added, concluding that “there will be no problems in relation to food products, especially fresh ones: meat, milk, eggs, vegetables and fruits ”.


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