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Government warns of fake news about Covid-19

A number of hoaxes have also settled into the flood of news about the corona virus. Rumors, unconfirmed reports and “fake news” are circulating especially on social media. That is why Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) expressly warns of false news. In the Ö1- “Mittagsjournal” Nehammer assured: “There will of course be no curfews”. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz emphasized at the press conference on Friday afternoon that Vienna would not be sealed off and curfews were imminent. These are “completely fictitious rumors,” said Kurz.

The grocery chain Spar contradicted rumors on Friday that there would be possible supermarket closings. “We will of course keep it open, and we will keep it open next week. There is also enough goods available, also for the future,” spokeswoman Nicole Berkmann told APA.

The employees of the Austrian fact check platform mimikama.at currently work around the clock, as Andre Wolf, mimikama spokesman and content manager, explained in the APA interview. Regarding the current “unprecedented amount” of false reports, Wolf still states that many things are so absurd that they cannot be checked for facts because there are no facts in the postings and chain letters. “It is often said that someone has heard of someone who knows someone who said … The fact checkers recommend that you do not forward every message. (Apa, red)

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